Sunday, July 12, 2009

Do you think it's the blog?

For some reason I'm not feeling all that crafty lately. Maybe the blog's got me nervous. More likely, it's because my sewing area is such a mess right now that I don't really want to be in it. That was the case for much of my pregnancy and I deeply regret it, so I think I've got to just do what I have to do to make it fun to sew in here -- tomorrow. I will feel so much better if I do. But it feels like a bit of a waste because this is not my sewing room anymore, we're building a new one (turning the garage into a tiny sewing room for me and an office for the husband so that M can finally have his own room). And it will be glorious when it's done, but there's no telling when that'll be.

I did sew up two items in the last couple of days because I absolutely had to. The first was a diaper cover for A. I was testing the pattern and I was LATE. I tried the small one first and did it in a very timely manner. I was so proud of myself. But it didn't fit right, so then I said I'd like to test the medium and it took me like three weeks to make it. I'm kind of thrilled though because last night A did not leak at all! Yay! Here's a modeling shot:

August First Day 193

And one of his top half to go with it, he can't get enough of his sweet fingers:

August First Day 191

The other thing I made was a number tee for Makenzie's birthday. It was really fun making something so girly. I pride myself in making clothes for M and Baby A that are not overly gender concious. But then when I get to make something for a girl I realize that there is just so much you can't force your boys to wear. Of course A wouldn't know the difference but M is in school now. Sigh...

Anyhow, this is an ottobre pattern and my first capped sleeves, though you can't see them well in the pic. I have had the flowered aqua cotton lycra for years with no one to use it for.

August First Day 203

I had M make her a card and I just LOVE it. I can't believe how well he is writing now. He started at the Montissori school last september and he could barely hold a pencil. He just had no interest in drawing or writing and I didn't really push it but always worried that I should. I think he's really proud of himself now and it's so sweet.

August First Day 204

And I just thought of one more culprit for my decline in craftiness. I've been obsessing over Attic24's crocheted stuff. I just want to copy it outright. Her stuff is just beautiful and perfect and I'd love to have her chair with the blanket, pillow, and cushion cover on it in my house. And I've been looking at the flickr granny square pool alot. I think I'd like to start with something small like this bag to use for playgroup snacks.
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