Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A little embroidery

I just adore this little onsie! I dyed some cotton lycra fire red and turquoise (you can almost see the turquoise at the neckline) and put this little swan on the front and it turned out so cute. I cannot believe how easy it is to do a really nice looking embroidery. This one was from the Sublime Stitching book, but it's just as easy to do your own designs. Check him out here lounging on a matching blanket!

I'm planning on sewing up and embroidering a Dia de los Muertos themed tee for M to go with a camp shirt made from this Abacadabra pattern out of the white colorway of this fabric. I feel like I want to get started on it right away, though because it was on my list of things to do LAST September and I don't want to not do it again... Camp shirts somehow always get pushed to the bottom of the to do list.

I suppose it is time to sit down and figure out what I want to sew up for M's school clothes this year, since he's starting full days and I want to do all that fun back to school stuff with him. Until I got pregnant with A, I sewed everything he wore, except for a couple of handmade gifts. I even sewed all of his underwear. But I had NO energy during my pregnancy and I really dropped the ball. Now he's got only a few mama-made pieces in his wardrobe. So, I'm thinking that rather than trying to make every single piece for him, I'd rather make several special ones. He'll probably be wearing some store bought jeans and cargo shorts.

I asked him the other day, when I realized that it's been literally two years since I made that huge batch of boxers for him, whether he'd like to buy new underwear or have me make them. I was certain he'd say buy. I probably wouldn't have asked otherwise. And he said he wanted me to make them! I wonder what my sewing means to him. I can't believe that he wouldn't prefer some superhero underoos, and he knows they exist. I love the ones I made for him but they're mostly solid colors, not anything you'd think a five year old would like. I was shocked and, of course, pleased.

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