Friday, October 23, 2009

Always good to know when to let go.

Sometimes my ideas work out perfectly as planned, but more often they are abandoned midway or never get off the ground at all.  The snake outfit I was so excited about for my littler one is one of my abandoned projects that I think I will finally just put behind me, make it official.  But first I have to show you.  I think that'll lessen the sting. 

So this was the vision:  a summer outfit with pair of big flowy pants out of this awsome woven snake quilters' cotton that would be cool but still protect him from the sun and a turquoise cotton lycra onsie with a (way too elaborate) snake hand embroidered on the front.  Other than the snake, it was a fairly rational idea. 

Now that I see the picture I'm trying to think of ways to salvage it.  I could cut the snake out and applique it onto a shirt that would fit him next year, for instance.  But I think it may be better to let this sleeping dog lie.

So now I'm onto my next project, which, I'm happy to say, includes a simpler embroidery.  I just loved that celestial fabric I used for those navy Pomegranate Pants, so I thought I'd build an outfit around that.  (I have to say though that it's never a good sign when I'm thinking in oufits.  I much prefer to dress myself and my children in mix and match type stuff.  There is just something too goofy about tops and bottoms that match in theme.  But obviously, I find the pull of the outfit idea nearly irresistible, as far as my crafting goes.) 

I dyed a piece of the print and a piece of white cotton lycra a deep bright yellow.  I was hoping that the navy blue in the print would survive unchanged -- it matched the corduroy so perfectly, but of course it didn't.  Now it's a murkier looking navy that doesn't match the cord quite as well.  But it's close enough to make cute baby pants.  The c/l turned out very pretty and I think will make a nice background for some celestial embroideries.  I'm planning on a planet with ring a la saturn (which is also in the print) on the sleeve and a man in the moon (traced from the print) on the front and a shooting star somewhere.  Here's a pic of the iron on transfer I made. 

Alright, I'm off to embroider!
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