Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Give-Away!

NOTE:  I'm so sorry my comments aren't working on this post.  To post a comment please click here.  Thanks!  And sorry this is a pita! 

It's a scarf made out of organic bamboo velour dyed in various shades of teal and camel and it's six inches wide and barely shy of sixty inches long. 

And here's my friend, Evie, modeling it.  Just in case it's not obvious (since the scarf is very slimming), Evie is pretty pregnant here. 

If you'd like it  (oooh, and wouldn't it make a wonderful holiday gift?), just visit my shop and tell me in a comment to this blog post what colors and/or combinations of colors you'd like to see in my shop and tell me how you found my blog.  Then, two weeks from today, on Oct 28th, I'll pick a commenter randomly and contact you for an address.


Oh man, I'm bummed.  I've had several people contact me and let me know that they can't post comments here bc of the %$#%&* typepad widget.  I'm sorry!  I'm trying to figure it out but, as I'm sure you can imagine, it's been pretty frustrating.  At one point I actually threw away all of my blog's HTML and pasted in HTML from a blog that doesn't have the widget and the widget was still there!  So, I'm running out of ideas. 

One more update on this train wreck of a giveaway (you gotta start somewhere right?):  I have managed to enable commenting on all posts that have previously been commented on and on new posts, but not this one.  Go figure!  So to enter the giveaway, just put your comment on the oct 16 blog entry that says "post your giveaway comment here". 

For the two people who managed to comment via typepad, ummmm, I am trying to recover your entries but they are currently lost.  :(  If you let me know who you are, I'll put your name in twice.  And for the people who commented via email, no worries, my email account never treats me with anything but respect.  lol