Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday pics with a side of mama-made

So we had the big guy's birthday party on Saturday and it was not the best planned affair but the kids really had a blast.  I'm so happy with how everything turned out!  He said he wanted to have it at Harry Griffin Park, which was a little far from school, so I was worried that people might not come, and also that it would be hard to get a good spot with a table near the playground.  As it turned out, when we got there at 11:30, which I knew was pretty darned late to get a table, there were already like 15 parties set up.  We ended up having to take a table sort of back in the woods not all that close to the playground and pretty hard to find.  Ugh.  But, everyone did eventually find us and it turned out to be a wonderful spot because the kids didn't play on the playground at all, they stayed in the woodsy area and in the outdoor theater area near the tables and played tag and lots of pretend stuff and tons of interacting with each other, which I doubt would have been the case on the playground.  And most important, the big guy was really happy with it.  Phew!

The top pic is the big guy with two friends that he's loved since they were all babies.  We have known the little girl on the left since she was five months old (and she also turned six this month) and met the one in the middle very soon after.  Her mom has always taken the most beautiful pictures of my boys and she took these with her phone.  I can't believe she takes better pics on her phone than I do with my camera.  Sigh...

And of course I made his six shirt and it turned out just as I had envisioned!  The party was vaguely halloween themed -- halloween invites, cake, goodie bags -- and the shirt's got trick-or-treating skeletons on it.  I was afraid the "6" wouldn't pop if I put it right on the dark gray shirt-front, so I put a layer of chartreuse jersey behind it and sewed the six on with a straight stitch right on the edge of the skeleton print so the raw edges of  jersey underneath could roll.  You may see more of these in the future.  It wasn't actually that long ago that I realized how easy it is to applique onto a knit, and I'm still all jazzed up about it.  I'm also pleased that it has more of a big boy look than most of the shirts I've made with prints.