Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm working on a tutorial!

Finally...  I've been meaning to do this for a while.  Truth is that baby doesn't seem demanding at all until I decide I want to do something.  And then I am shocked!  He doesn't want to be out of my arms for a minute!

Anyhow, I have this vision for my blog.  I'd really like to do a bunch of boy-friendly tutorials.  (And since I don't think my boy clothes must scream "boy", they will all or nearly all be girl-friendly, too.  I probably won't be doing any dresses or ruffles, though.)  I hate it when I see (mostly online) moms compaining that there's nothing cute to sew for their boys.  It's just not true!  I have gotten great joy out of creating things for my boys and I'd like to encourage other boy-moms (and dads) to enjoy it, too.  I'd love to look up a couple of years from now and see a whole wardrobe's worth of boy tutes in my blog -- and fun, cute ones that parents will enjoy making and boys will enjoy wearing.

So, first up is a tutorial for my Pomegranate Pants.  I've started taking pics and I'm hoping to get the tutorial up within the next few days (though, like I said, a little certain somebody may not cooperate).  I'm really excited to share it!  And here's a little teaser, one of my favorite pairs:

I used to have a whole album of them but it's been dismantled.  There's a bunch in here, though.