Monday, October 26, 2009

Fun with sleeping baby in arms...

I really have a thing for elephants.  So here I am elephant hunting while my little sweet boy snoozes in my lap.  I have really been trying to relax about spending an hour or two this way here and there because it is so sweet.  With my older son, this was an every day thing, but with number two it is just so much harder to justifying sitting on the couch for so much of the day.  Today I was really in a groove working on organizing my fabric and sewing room when nap time came around.  But it'll come back around, right?

I just love this Elephant Rider from Green Man Studio.  I love the rider's outfit.  I want this! 

These would be sweet for my little one, and especially sweet for the big guy and the baby to play together. 

Another nice one for baby from Lauren Smash Toys.  She's got some really cute little monsters, too.

And, this is completely irresistible to me.  I kind of wish it came in two sizes though.  Wouldn't it be fun to make several in mama and baby sizes and make it possible to connect the trunk to tail?  I doubt I will last too long before I purchase it.  And I can totally see it in some super snuggly gray/blue obv.

And another one...  I love them both.  How can I justify that?  This one from Funky Friends Factory might be more suitable for obv, but there's no chance of attaching trunks and tails for an elephant walk.  Yeah, I need both.  Look how chewable those tusks are!

The little guy's up!
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